The magnificent Ocicat never fails to steal the show, not to
mention the hearts of those fortunate enough to own them.

The Ocicat is an agouti spotted cat. A result from the
interbreeding of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair, it
is selectively bred to emulate the cats of the wild.

The Ocicats are very solid, muscled and have a short, a tight coat
with a satin sheen that shows off their muscles and spots to their
best advantage.

Whilst the Ocicat breed looks wild, its temperament is anything
but ferocious. It very much like a dog, in that it is absolutely
devoted to its owners. Most Ocicats are also quite extroverted
around strangers, not at all bashful about checking out the
possibilities for a few playmates or a lap to curl up on when
visitors visit.

Our Ocicats are quite bright, intelligent and easily trained. Many
will fetch, walk on a lead, respond to voice commands and readily
adapt to household rules. Their adaptability is widely known and
they are a joy to work with. Their sociable nature makes them
ideal pets, that are both affectionate, obediant and a real joy to
have around.

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